Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevCon?

Developers Connect (DevCon) Philippines is a non-profit organization which aims to empower Filipino developers and promote the "IT Pinoy Talent" by providing unique venues for IT students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts to Sync, Support and Succeed.

When and how was DevCon founded?

DevCon was founded in June 26, 2009.

DevCon is a pioneering project of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA). Its pilot event, DevCon Visayas, was held at the TechBar in Cebu City. DevCon also spanned a ten-city nationwide tour as part of the Next Wave Cities roadshow run by the then Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) in 2009.

To increase its reach, DevCon has signed a partnership with the Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) to make DevCon accessible to IT students nationwide. Furthermore, to ensure that DevCon's presence will continue to grow, DevCon registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit organization.

Who founded DevCon?

Winston Damarillo, Founder

Winston A seasoned technopreneur and founder of DevCon, US-based Winston Damarillo has always been an advocate of the ICT sector in the Philippines and a believer of Filipino software engineering talent. Quarterly, he travels to the country to conduct talks, inspiring students and new software developers. As a technopreneur, Winston’s past endeavors include several companies which Winston grew to profitability and subsequently sold to major IT players: Gluecode Software, an open source application infrastructure company which was acquired by IBM in 2005, Logicblaze, acquired by Iona Technologies in 2007, and Webtide, acquired by Intalio in 2009. Winston is the chairman of the board of directors for Exist Software Labs and MaestroDev.

Who are the officers of DevCon?

Bryan Bibat, President

Bry Bry is a retired freelance software engineer with nine years of experience in web development in both enterprise and non-enterprise applications. He is currently an active evangelist for the Philippine Ruby Users Group (PhRUG) and a book writer. Learn more about him at bryanbibat.net.

Haifa Carina Baluyos, Executive Director

Haifa Haifa currently serves as the Executive Director of DevCon following her term as VP for Finance, and before that, as Executive Associate. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan in 2011. She used to work as an iOS developer. Learn more about her at haifacarina.com.

Ren Joshua Ramirez, VP for Marketing

RJ RJ is currently working as a full-time software engineer, He started volunteering for DevCon in 2013 when he was still a student. He graduated from Far Eastern University - East Asia College with a degree in Information Technology.

Terence Matthew Ponce, VP for Techology

Terence Terence joined DevCon in 2011 as a regular member, became the VP for Programs in 2013 and he is now the VP for Technology. Outside of DevCon, he works as a Ruby developer and he is also the community manager of the Philippine Ruby Users Group (PhRUG). Learn more about him at terenceponce.com.

Nathaniel Cailo, VP for Programs

NathNath attended his first DevCon event last 2011. Since then, he has been helping DevCon and other tech groups in their events. A recent graduate from PUP-Manila, he's currently working as a web developer for a company in Denmark. He's a hardcore Ingress player who plays the piano at his spare time. This dude loves pizza...

Carlo Miguel Ledesma, VP for Membership

Carlo Carlo is a junior software engineer and an avid fan of technology, particularly software architecture, mobile development and engineering best practices. He has been participating in DevCon events since 2010 and is now its VP for Membership.

Jossie Resma, VP for Finance

Jossie Jossie, DevCon's VP for Finance, works full-time as a software engineer. She used to be the Sales Head of the Cagayan De Oro Quantum IT Convention. She graduated from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan with a degree in Computer Science. Learn more about her at about.me/jossie.resma.

elected officers
DevCon's elected officers for 2014-2015

What does DevCon do?

DevCon is the first of its kind in the Philippines to bring together software engineers, developers, programmers, students, educators, industry experts and technopreneurs where they are encouraged to interact and share insights. DevCon provides a relaxed venue for individuals to socialize with fellow geeks, mentors, employers and the rest of the IT community – its mission being to promote and propagate the software engineering profession in the country.

DevCon was conceptualized to be a premier gathering of all Filipino software engineers in the country but in a short span of time, DevCon events have evolved from simple, three-part unconferences to focus group-driven geekups and code camps that envision the bridging of the academe–IT industry divide:

  • Classic DevCon Events are designed to introduce technology topics and encourage interactions by means of three components:
    • Lightning talks are very quick presentations delivered with or without auxiliary visual materials in a span of only 8–10 minutes, including Q&A.
    • Birds of a Feather (BoF) is a friendly debate on trending IT topics.
    • The hackathon is usually a one-hour competition that requires a team to execute a programming or web activity that results in a work product.
DevCon Bai Mobile Hackathon
DevCon Bai Mobile Hackathon (Cebu)
  • Campus DevCons are gatherings in partnership with schools that aim to augment the academic learnings of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry. The event converges an average of 200 students taking up Computer Science or other IT-related courses and follows the format of a Classic DevCon event.
  • DevCon Geekups are informal gatherings that allow IT students, educators and professionals to talk about the ingredients needed to improve the IT industry, as well as explore areas for collaboration.
Earl at CDO
Earl Martin Valencia (center) of IdeaSpace at the DevCon Geekup in Cagayan De Oro
  • DevCon Code Camps are technical sessions that seek to build up the technology capabilities of our IT professionals and students by collaborating with a number of technology user groups that can act as the backbone of these activities.
Rad Rails Girls
Rad Batnag as a mentor in Rails Girls Manila 2012
  • The DevCon Summit is a national conference that aims to empower the Philippine IT community with up-to-date trends and opportunities in the information technology industry.

How do I become a member of DevCon?

DevCon membership is based on meritocracy. The minimum requirement is for an individual to volunteer at least twice in separate DevCon-organized or DevCon partner events. Please remember that the volunteer work must be notable (eg, logistics support, speaker referral, event organization, photo/video documentation, etc).

Our VP for Membership Carlo Ledesma as a Participant in Globe Devathon

(He started out as a co-organizer of a campus DevCon at the Mapúa Institute of Technology.)

Carlo at Devathon
Globe Devathon

In order to apply for membership, one must be nominated by an active DevCon member. This will be reviewed by the general membership of DevCon via online assessment and voting. Nominations are held each May and October of the year. To know more about becoming a member or volunteer, email our VP for Membership via carlo@devcon.ph.

Can our school host a Campus DevCon?

Yes. Just send an email to our VP for Programs via anthea@devcon.ph indicating the following:

  • Target Date, Time and Venue (with complete address)
  • Estimated Number of Attendees
  • Demographics of Attendees (year level, course/major)
  • Desired Theme/Topics/Speakers
  • About the School (map, links)
  • Sponsors (if any)
  • Point Person, Designation, Contact Details

And here are the guidelines for hosting a Campus DevCon:

  • The invitation must be sent to DevCon via email at least a month in advance.
  • Expenses of the speakers and DevCon members/volunteers related to food, travel and accommodations (if the school is in another region where an overnight stay is recommended) are to be shouldered by the school as much as possible.
  • DevCon tarpaulins should be allowed to be displayed in the event premises.
  • The venue must be conducive for a campus DevCon (ie, there's proper air-conditioning, a good sound system, an appropriate number of seats, etc).
  • If the school lacks equipment (eg, projector, projector adapter for Mac), it must be made known beforehand so DevCon can source for one.
  • Documentation (photo/video) can be shared to DevCon by means of social media.
  • DevCon does not automatically provide schwags (freebies) so it's better if you find sponsors for that.

A Campus DevCon may be organized without the assistance and/or presence of DevCon members provided that it has been pre-approved by the VP for Programs as an independently organized event. This may happen if the said school has already successfully held a Campus DevCon before or if there are DevCon volunteers or student partners coordinating with DevCon itself.

Does DevCon have local chapters?

Being a fast growing community, DevCon already has local chapters in Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro (CDO). Each chapter has its own set of events and a steering committee. Here are the current chapter heads:

Paul John Parreño, DevCon Bai! (Cebu) Chapter Head

PJ Paul is a Mobile Applications Developer at Arcanys Inc, Mobile Technology Enthusiast, University Instructor at University of San Carlos, and a Gaming Enthusiast. He also particularly interested in open source technology that drives mobile applications development, open-source game development and promoting the technological growth in the Philippines. Learn more about him on his LinkedIn profile.

John Reuben Requiroso, DevCon Cagayan de Oro Chapter Head

JR JR became a DevCon member on December 2012. He graduated from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology on April 2014 with a degree of Computer Science. He is an anime/manga otaku and frustrated writer. You can read his entries here.

Eric John Emerberda, DevCon Davao Chapter Head

Eric Eric is a software engineer who has a comprehensive experience in developing software for business needs. Now he teaches full time at University of Immaculate Conception while doing a few software and website development for a few clients.

To apply for a local chapter, feel free to email our Executive Director via haifa@devcon.ph.

DevCon Bai at hack2HATCH
DevCon Davao at UM

(clockwise from top left)
DevCon Bai with Winston Damarillo and Fernando Zobel De Ayala at hack2HATCH Held in Cebu

DevCon Davao Volunteers Together with Participants During the Campus DevCon at the University of Mindanao

DevCon CDO Representatives and Attendees at the Geekup Dinner in Cagayan De Oro

DevCon CDO

What are DevCon's achievements

DevCon is the youngest yet most comprehensive IT capabilities development organization in the Philippines. Known for hosting free unconferences for IT students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts, DevCon has grown to having over 20,000 participants since June 2009. It is highly sought after by educational institutions through its campus DevCon programs that aim to augment the academic learnings of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry.

Aside from its regular activities, DevCon also organizes special events that promote the IT industry. Two of the big special events so far are the Hack2Hatch: From Hacker to Founder and DevCon Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup).

Hack2HATCH: From Hacker to Founder was co-organized DevCon and PhilDev, a non-profit that promotes tech innovation in the Philippines. Hack2Hatch was a technopreneurship event in Cebu City held last 05-07 October 2012 in Radisson Blu Hotel and Mactan Shangri-La Resort where 22 Philippine startups competed to be among the top 8 teams to each get ₱100,000.00 in funding. Mentors and judges included Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, PhilDev board and trustees, and top businessmen in the country.

Hack2HATCH Winners, Mentors and Judges at the Mactan Shangri-La Resort

DevCon Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup), held on November 2012, was a national algorithm programming competition mixed with the dexterity of a hackathon with over 45 high school, collegiate and professional teams participated in the event.

How can I receive notifications about upcoming DevCon events?

The preferred way to receive notifications about upcoming events is to subscribe to our RSS feed with a feed aggregator like Feedly or Mozilla Thunderbird. Not only does this provide you more up-to-date notifications compared to the others in this list, you are also notified about new articles on this site.

The URLs for the feeds are http://devcon.ph/feed (Atom) and http://devcon.ph/feed.rss (RSS). Most feed aggregators can also automatically detect the appropriate address from the home page (http://devcon.ph).

The next preferred method is to subscribe to our Event Calendar at http://devcon.ph/calendar.ics. It's in iCalendar format which means you can download the file and import it into your preferred calendar app. Some apps like Google Calendar and Mozilla Lightning also allow you to subscribe to the URL and have your calendar updated as soon as a new event is added to the calendar. Here are the instructions how to subscribe to the calendar using Google Calendar, while this shows how to do the same on an iOS device.

You can also subcribe to our mailing list and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (see "How do I reach DevCon?" below) but note that only major events are announced on these. Also, due to last year's changes to Facebook Pages, announcements posted on our FB page may not show up in your news feed.

Finally, you can also volunteer for DevCon and receive information about events before they are posted.

How do I reach DevCon?

For general inquiries, email mailbox@devcon.ph, haifa@devcon.ph, or bry@devcon.ph.

For inquiries on membership and volunteer activities, email shumate@devcon.ph (Manila), pj@devcon.ph (Cebu), cris@devcon.ph (Cagayan de Oro), or dp@devcon.ph (Davao)

For event proposals and campus DevCon inquiries, email anthea@devcon.ph.

For details on how to sponsor DevCon events, email jossie@devcon.ph.

For technology-related inquiries and website concerns, email terence@devcon.ph.

For event invites and to sign up for our mailing list, email rj@devcon.ph.

For daily updates and interaction, follow us in any or all of these social networks:

Twitter: @DevConPH
Facebook Page: DevCon Philippines
Facebook Group: DevCon Philippines
Eventbrite: DevConPH
YouTube: DevConPH