Be a Volunteer

Share and hone your skills by volunteering for our projects. Connect with passionate individuals and make some friends along the way.

Be a Volunteer

Make some friends and a few memories

Your talents and skills, or maybe just geeky presence, is all it takes to help bring out the Filipino IT Talent.




Get involved with various professionals, participants, and organizations. Make a friend or two, or grow your network in the IT community and open opportunities.



Get a free pass to the events and projects you're involved in. Be at the front row of our talks and workshops and get firsthand lessons on the IT trends and on-demand skills.



Everyday is a lesson when you put your skills at play. Our volunteers are always discovering ways to improve how we are now and how we can better engage the IT community.



Freebies here, freebies there! One of the awesome things in the IT community. Get a chance to bring home cool items from our events and projects (aside from the endless lessons and impact you're making in the community).



Help us lead and spearhead the growth of our IT community. Be part of our vision and bring opportunities to the Filipino IT Talent.



We're always looking for people who are willing to share their time for our cause. Anyone can be a volunteer – students, professionals, and enthusiasts are all welcome to join the group.

Being part of DevCon Summit 2017 as a volunteer was a great experience. I was able to engage with different people with different personalities. Getting to know them and to share my knowledge and skills with them to make last year's summit successful were priceless. It was an exciting and meaningful experience, and I'm lucky to be part of

Edward Alonzo
Former DevCon OIC For Creatives

Being a volunteer for DevCon is not a piece of cake, especially when you have a full time job. However, it is very rewarding in ways that it helps me improve my skills and by learning innovations in my field; my team player skills are being honed because my co-volunteers and I effectively work together to make our plans for DevCon events possible. And because of that, I am able to receive a lot of opportunities - I am given the chance to access bootcamps that enables me to enhance my skills, I am able to widen my network and get to know awesome developers in and out of the community.

Meg Pelagio
OIC for Membership

See where you fit in



Got a knack for getting things from point A to point B? Help out in making sure our events and projects get the material and equipment it needs.



Got an eye for the creatives or like to engage your audience on social media? We love to get your perspective in order to better reach our community.



Certified hardcore geek? Be part of the team who manages our technical assets and makes sure we are efficient every step of the way.



Become the liaison between committees and volunteers. The heart of every organization is the team who helps manage its people.


Office Administration

File organization and documentation is a hidden zen for us here. All it takes is a detail-oriented volunteer who enjoys organizing the backbone of every org.



Not yet sure where you belong? No worries! We accept anyone who has something to share to the community.

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