DevCon Events

DevCon is the first of its kind in the Philippines to bring together software engineers, developers, programmers, students, educators, industry experts and technopreneurs where they are encouraged to interact and share insights. DevCon provides a relaxed venue for individuals to socialize with fellow geeks, mentors, employers and the rest of the IT community – its mission being to promote and propagate the software engineering profession in the country.

DevCon was conceptualized to be a premier gathering of all Filipino software engineers in the country but in a short span of time, DevCon events have evolved from simple, three-part unconferences to focus group-driven geekups and code camps that envision the bridging of the academe–IT industry divide:

  • Classic DevCon Events are designed to introduce technology topics and encourage interactions by means of three components:
    • Lightning talks are very quick presentations delivered with or without auxiliary visual materials in a span of only 8–10 minutes, including Q&A.
    • Birds of a Feather (BoF) is a friendly debate on trending IT topics.
    • The hackathon is usually a one-hour competition that requires a team to execute a programming or web activity that results in a work product. A special type of hackathon is the Java Code Challenge, a fully automated Java programming competition where teams try to solve as many problems as they can within the time limit.
DevCon Bai Mobile Hackathon
DevCon Bai Mobile Hackathon (Cebu)
Java Code Challenge
Java Code Challenge post-DevCon Summit 2013
  • Campus DevCons are gatherings in partnership with schools that aim to augment the academic learnings of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry. The event converges an average of 200 students taking up Computer Science or other IT-related courses and follows the format of a Classic DevCon event.
  • DevCon Geekups are informal gatherings that allow IT students, educators and professionals to talk about the ingredients needed to improve the IT industry, as well as explore areas for collaboration.
Earl at CDO
Earl Martin Valencia (center) of IdeaSpace at the DevCon Geekup in Cagayan De Oro
  • DevCon Code Camps are technical sessions that seek to build up the technology capabilities of our IT professionals and students by collaborating with a number of technology user groups that can act as the backbone of these activities.
Rad Rails Girls
Rad Batnag as a mentor in Rails Girls Manila 2012
  • The DevCon Summit is a national conference that aims to empower the Philippine IT community with up-to-date trends and opportunities in the information technology industry.
DevCon Summit 2013
DevCon Summit 2013: #MobileDevNBeyond