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Campus DevCon at Mapúa Institute of Technology (Makati)

Jun 18, 2014 9:00AM to Jun 18, 2014 5:00PM

in partnership with



Campus DevCon at Mapúa Institute of Technology (Makati)

18 June 2014 (Wednesday)



Campus DevCon at Mapúa Institute of Technology (Makati) is a gathering in partnership with Mapúa Institute of Technology (Makati) that aims to augment the academic learnings of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry. The event converges an average of 200 students taking up Computer Science or other IT-related courses.

This Campus DevCon has 3 main components:

Lightning Talks (LT)

LTs are very quick presentations delivered with or without auxiliary visual materials. Each speakers has a maximum of 10 minutes to present his idea, including preparation time, self, introduction, Q&A, etc. There are usually 6-8 LTs per Campus DevCon.

Birds of a Feather (BoF)

BoF is an informal debate on tech topics with 3 volunteers from two opposing sides. A BoF panel will judge on who's the best team. Examples of BoF topics are "iOS vs Android", "Does technology improve or harm a person's social life?" and "Windows vs Linux".

 Java Code Challenge (JCC)

 DevCon JCC is a one hour programming competition that aims to spur critical thinking and highlight problem solving strategies under pressure.


Technology Partners


Where & When

AV1, Mapua Institue of Technology - Makati

333 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue
Makati City 1200, Philippines

Jun 18, 2014 9:00AM to Jun 18, 2014 5:00PM


09:00-11:00 Java Code Challenge
12:00-1:00 Registration
1:00-1:15 Opening Remarks by Mapua
1:15-1:30 Introduction to DevCon by Nathaniel Cailo, DevCon VP-Programs

Lightning Talks

  • Carlo Ledesma, Software Engineer of CHAMP Cargo Systems
  • Alfonso Dilera, Software Engineer at Intelimina Systems
  • Ron Cirujano, Country Manager of Elance-Odesk Philippines
  • Rico Sta. Cruz, Web Designer
  • Cherrie Ann Domingo, President of PHP Users Group - PH (PHPUGPH)
  • Mike Cajurao, Student Ambassador at Google
  • Oracle (via video stream)
3:30-4:15 Birds of a Feather (BoF)
4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks by ACM


1. Event is exclusive to Mapua (Makati) students only.

2. No need to print your tickets. If you've registered, your name will be in the registration list automatically.


DevCon Java Code Challenge (JCC)

DevCon JCC is a one hour programming competition that aims to spur critical thinking and highlight problem solving strategies under pressure.



Only registered teams can compete. Each team consists of at most 3 students.  Maximum of 5 teams will be accommodated. Registration is FREE**.

To register, email with the format below then wait for the confirmation email.

Subject: Campus DevCon at Mapua (Makati): Java Code Challenge Registration

Team Name:

Member 1 Name:
Course & Year:

Email Address:
Contact Number:
(same details for Member 2 and 3)


Java only.

Requirements per Team:

- One (1) laptop only (with wifi capability and the latest version of Chrome or Firefox) to be shared among the team. Laptop may have JDK 7 and your choice of IDE installed for local testing.
- Books, notes on Java and algorithms - internet access is forbidden
- Pens/Pencils and Scratch papers

Competition Procedure:

Teams will be given one hour to solve problems. Each team will be provided with a set of 10 problems. Solutions must be submitted through the automated system provided. The team who solves the most problems in the shortest amount of time wins.

Any team caught cheating or doing other malicious activity will be disqualified. Consult first with the organizers before doing anything that may be seen as cheating.


Problems will test the teams' knowledge of basic Java concepts (e.g. variables, operations, control structures, strings, arrays), the Java Collections Framework, and undergraduate level algorithms (e.g. Number Theory, Array/Tree/Set/Graph algorithms).


To be announced soon!

*Mechanics are subject to change.


1. Be updated for further event announcements:

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2. Registration will be up soon so stay tuned for announcements!

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