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Java Code Camp

Jun 15, 2013 9:00AM to Jun 15, 2013 5:00PM

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DevCon Java Code Camp

15 June 2013


DevCon Java Code Camp is a whole day seminar and workshop that aims to build up development skills on Java development platform. Topics include Desktop Java vs Web Java, Anatomy of an HTTP Request/Response, Creating a web service via Spark, REST and Jersey.


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Where & When

IBM Innovation Center

Ground Floor, Building E, UP-Ayala Technohub, Diliman, Quezon City

Jun 15, 2013 9:00AM to Jun 15, 2013 5:00PM


Part 1 - Java Web Services Crash Course (2.5 hrs)

Intended for beginners, the goal of this session is to teach the basics of WEB programming in Java.

- Desktop Java vs Web Java (15 mins)
     Instead of listening to user input, key presses and mouseclicks, you listen to HTTP requests.
     What is the difference between Java SE and Java EE?

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Anatomy of an HTTP Request/Response (30 mins)
     - Discussion on HTTP (10 mins)
     - Low-level feel: Use the curl utility to connect to a web service. (20 mins)

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Create a web service via Spark (40 mins)
     - Listen to GET and POST requests (20 mins)
     - Return a regular string (5 mins)
     - Return XML (5 mins)

<Break for 5 minutes>

     - Return JSON (5 mins)
     - Return a static HTML file (5 mins)
     - Return other files (e.g. image file) (5 mins)

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Transition to Jersey (30 mins)
     - Why Spark won't work for larger applications? (5 mins)
     - How does Java EE solve the problem? (5 mins)
     - Intro to the Glassfish + Jersey Stack (20 mins)

<Lunch Time>

Part 2 - REST and Jersey (2 hrs)

At the end of the workshop, participants should have a high-level understanding of a RESTful architecture

- Introduction to REST  (10 mins)

- API Design: Composing REST-style URLs (15 mins)
     - Nested Resources
          - The two-level deep principle

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Consuming REST Web Services (15 mins)
     - Now that you're familiar with how URLs are designed in REST, let's see the existing implementations.    
     - Low-level feel: Use the curl utility to connect to the Github Gist web service.
     - In contrast to SOAP, calls to REST-style web services are machine readable at HTTP level.

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Introduction to Jersey (10 mins)

- Anatomy of a Jersey Project (20 mins)
     - Clone a Jersey template project from Github
     - URL-Controller Mapping via Annotations

<Break for 5 minutes>

- Create a RESTful web service via Jersey (30 mins)
     - Listen to GET/POST/PUT/DELETE Requests (10 mins)
     - For each API, return JSON response (20 mins)


1. Bring your own laptop

2. Make sure the following are installed:

Heroku Toolbelt:

Java SDK

Glassfish Server

IDE of your choice - Eclipse/Netbeans/Intellij

3. Since slots are limited, kindly notify us in advance if you can't make it on that date.


1. Be updated for further event announcements.

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